Observatory On Europe


The “Observatory on Europe” is a European think tank managed by The European House – Ambrosetti since 2005 with the contribution of an outstanding Scientific Committee. This year’s edition involved an Advisory Board comprising the high expertise of Wolfgang Schuessel, Esko Aho and Vittorio Grilli and business leaders from Enel, GE, ING Bank, Philip Morris International and Whirlpool R&D.

The main topics discussed this year have been the level of integration achieved so far by European Member States and the effects of the economic crisis on the convergence process, the Digitization of the European economy and the performance of European Manufacturing.

During this year’s Forum – which took place on June 24 in Brussels – the Advisory Board presented the findings of our research to an international audience and discussed with leading members of national and European institutions as well as business leaders: Commissioner Almunia as well as Senator Mario Monti were also present, enriching the whole debate and commenting on the proposed policy recommendations.

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